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Human Resource Management

Our first meeting will be on Friday, April 14 from 9.15-10.45.

To register for the class, please sign up on LSF and wait to be admitted into the e-learning class.




  • Human Resource Environment
  • Job Analysis & Job Design
  • HR Planning & Recruiting
  • Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Training & Development
  • Separation & Retention
  • Compensation & Incentives



The students

... understand the role of human resource management from a strategic and international perspective

... understand the importance of job analysis and are able to define jobs

... learn to make informed decisions regarding the recruitment process and employee selection

... can assess employee training and development programs

… are able to analyze and create pay structures

... understand consequences and incentives resulting from different forms of pay and benefits



60 minutes exam at the end of the term




All course materials will be available in 'e-learning.'


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